NYHET (rabatt!) - Marc Pesnot (Domaine de la Sénéchalière)- Coeur de Raisin (vitt/white) : Heart of Grapeness

NYHET (rabatt!) - Marc Pesnot (Domaine de la Sénéchalière)- Coeur de Raisin (vitt/white) : Heart of Grapeness

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Marc Pesnot is a strong character in the Muscadet region at the far West of the Loire valley, and his wines stand out quite a bit. As he says himself, he first "didn't like" Muscadet wines and was even planning to get rid of the traditional grape used in the region, the Melon de Bourgogne used to make Muscadet wines and the Folle Blanche grape used to make the -in-famous Gros Plant Nantais. However, after spending years experimenting different winemaking methods, he realized that the issue was not with the grapes but wih the increasingly industrial production methods used in the region.

Melon de Bourgogne and Folle blanche can make exquisite wines, it just requires a bit more skills and feeling for them than what many winemakers were willing to put into. Since then, Marc is producing one exciting cuvée after the other, earning a solid reputation for his wines the world over, from the US to Japan and northern Europe as well. 

Coeur de Raisin 2019 is one of his more recent experiment, using Melon de Bourgogne grapes to produce a "Primeur wine" (a wine bottled very early that offer low alcohol, very fruity aromas and fresh taste together with a very light body) that was such as success when first launched in 2018 that it has now become one of his main cuvées!

If you want to discover what a good primeur wine can taste like, without any additive to give artificial flavours of course, then Coeur de Raisin would be a safe bet. Can -very- easily be drunk alone or together with creamy desserts.

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