Château de Fosse-Sèche

The people

Guillaume and Adrien Pire are twin brothers who grew up in Madagascar where their step-father was working in a winery. After completing studies in agronomy, viticulture and oenology, and touring different wine-regions to find a place to settle down, they found qnd instantly fell in love with a history-loaded place in Anjou. Vines have first been cultivated and wine made by benedictine monks for over 800 years in Fosse-Sèche, making it one of the oldest wine estate still running to this day.

With ecological principles deeply ingrained in their heart and soul, and the head full of memories of the Malagasy lush nature, the Pire brothers and their wives, Julie and Cécile, have written a new chapter in Fosse-Sèche long and rich story, transforming it in one of the most advanced wine estate in terms of the holistic environmental approach they adopted. Château de Fosse-Sèche is more than just a vineyard. It is a natural reserve where insects and birds and wild life have found shelter, thanks to the thousands of trees planted and to the surrounding oak forests, to the hectares of honey flowers sown and to the pounds and wet ecosystems created.

The Pire brothers have dedicated two-thirds of their land to nature and one-third to their vines. They have currently 45 hectares of them, in one piece. No doubt that they too find in such a preserved environment the best conditions to grow and to produce healthy and intense berries which carry in them the specificity of the estate's flint-rich soil.

The vines and the whole estate are conducted organically and biodynamically. The tidiness of the vines and the scope of the undertaking are testimony to the high standard level the Pire brothers have set for themselves. Demanding they are, but also generous and eager to give in return. Togehter with Julie and Cécile who are fully involved and contributing to the running of the estate, they are undoubtedly exciting winemakers to follow. We are happy and proud to introduce their nonetheless exciting wines to Sweden.


The wines

The wines from Château de Fosse-Sèche are, as is often the case with wines produced naturally, a loyal reflection of the land and the winemakers they originate from. Pure, very well structured, complex, pure and with a certain tidiness to them, these are wines that have been graced with the freedom and life that animates natural wines but within a frame shaped by the principles of Guillaume and Adrien and their methodical implementation. Expect a well-maintained forest rather than a luxuriant jungle, a beautiful garden more than a wild steppe.

The wines, both white and red are precise, tensed, with the emphasis on fruity and fresh aromas and a complex and solid structure to give it the body necessary to age well. It is a real pleasure to be able to find again the flint that is abundant in the estate's soil in the minerality that complete the distinct signature of these wines, making them easily recognizable among other Saumur wines.

This Winter's selection the two main cuvées of Château de Fosse-Sèche : Eolithe in red (Cabernet Franc) and Arcane in white (Chenin), as well as one of its always coveted exceptional cuvée : Gondwana (Cabernet Franc), a personal favorite for the silkiness of its tannins over a tensed and intense body.