Laurent Lebled

The person

Laurent Lebled came to winemaking after a first career in wood trade. Feeling the need to move to another field of activity he dared to follow the advices of winemakers he got in contact with through his previous job and who had become friends. They told him to go into winemaking and offered to show him the ropes the first years.

Under the guidance and with the support of seasoned winemakers such as Olivier Cousin, Sebastien Bobinet, Bernard Pontonnier or Patrick Corbineau, Laurent produced his first vintage in 2010. Convinced both by the ideas beyond natural winemaking and by the natural wines his friends were producing, Laurent went for natural wine from the start. Choosing carbonic maceration, his wines quickly received very positive responses from natural wines lovers as well as from more conventional wines consumers who, thanks to Laurent's light, fresh and nonetheless intense vintages, broadened their views about what natural wines can taste like.

Laurent works with 3,9 ha of Cabernet Franc, Gamay and Sauvignon located for one part in Savigny-en-Véron (Indre et Loire dept.) and for the other part in Saint-Aignan-sur-Cher (Loire-et-Cher dept.). His vineyards are all cultivated organically, the grapes harvested by hand, and his wines produced naturally, without the addition of any synthetic or artifically selected product (be it sulfite, selected yeasts, enzymes etc.).

Laurent, like many natural winemakers, is equally attached to the quality and purity of his wine than to his freedom. You will not find any organic label nor natural wine association stamp on his bottles, and since 2013 all his production is sold as « Vin de France » even though they could get fancier appellations. Laurent is like his wine : wholehearted, with a strong temperament and high expectations when it comes to honesty, sincerity and generosity. He sets equally high standards for himself and his wines. They can all be trusted, Laurent and his wines are the real deal. It therefore comes as no suprise that his production is now in high demand.

The wine

We are very happy to bring Laurent's wine to Sweden, starting for this first Autumn 2018 selection with his white wine La Sauvignonne.

The La Sauvignonne 2017 vintage is, as its name hints to, made of Sauvignon Blanc grapes, growing since 1962 on calcareous clay in the village of Saint-Aignan-sur-Cher. But let you not fool by the old age of the vines, this wine is full of vitality and tonicity. The technique of carbonic maceration (seldom used for white wines) gives it a much stronger and sophisticated personality than usual Sauvignon blanc white wines. Playful and almost hussy at times like Sauvignon can be, its fragrant aromas will delight the happy ones drinking it as aperitif at the start of a joyful evening, while its purity and intensity will make a lasting impression, both in the mouth and in the minds and hearts. A great illustration of how wine can unfold different aspects of its personality, from frivolity to depth and complexity, in just one sip.