Patrick Corbineau

 The person

Patrick Corbineau is unique. Everyone is you might say, but Patrick is uniquer I would say. And so are his wines. I've never heard of someone meeting Patrick in the dirt-court surrounded by his centuries-old cellars carved in the soft limestone typical of the Touraine region, and not being enchanted by the time they spent there, under the shadow of hazelnut trees, pleasantly exchanging with the gentle winemaker and tasting some of the treasures he casually takes out of from his seemingly endless cellars.

Patrick was playing in his grandfather's vineyard as a kid, started a career as a welder before moving back to his passion : growing grapes and making wine. His way of doing it is a true reflection of his personality : sentimental, gentle and impassioned. Patrick's strong emotional bound to his vineyard and to his wine leads him to give them a lot of freedom to grow and develop and unfold their own personalities. Confident in the quality of his vineyard's soil, in the optimal conditions for winemaking offered by his cellars, as well as in his skills, Patrick's approach to winemaking could almost be defined as taoist : never overdoing things and doing everything in harmony with the natural flow of things.

Patrick works without using any pesticides or herbicides and the amount of copper and sulfur he uses to protect his vines against cryptogamic deseases are so ridiculously low that any organic label certifier would find it suspicious. This is not an issue though, as Patrick has never asked for the organic certification. Administrative processes are not part of Patrick's mental world and adding one more just for working the vineyard the way his grandfather always did never even crossed his mind.

All Patrick's wines would meet the criteria for being labeled as natural wines, but here again Patrick doesn't really care. He's just doing wine like he saw as a kid his grandfather do, like it has been done for centuries in the same cellars he's using today.

Patrick is now working 2 ha of Cabernet Franc and Chenin, the traditional grapes of the Touraine wine region, mostly on the calcareous clay plateau above his village of Candes-Saint-Martin, located at the confluence of the Loire and Vienne rivers, and for one smaller part on the other side of the Vienne river, near the village of Savigny-en-Véron, on more sandy soil.

Patrick's wines are difficult to sum up in a few words. Each vintage is a true reflection of the year's climate and of events that occurred in Patrick's work and personal life. I certainly have never seen wines more intimately linked to their producer than Patrick's wines. Moreover, like everything that is full of life, they are prone to change and constantly evolve, making their tasting a unique experience of delving not only in the wine's characteristics, but also in the moment's mood, not only of discovering a wine but of following it on a path full of surprises and new developments.

Purity, richness and harmonious aromatic complexity are generally trademarks of Patrick's wines, and the main reasons why they find their way to the best tables and to the glasses of wine connoisseurs all around the world. 

The wines

For this Winter selection, we are proposing a red wine from 2011: Millefeuilles.

A superbly complex and multilayered structure makes the tasting of this wine a great occasion to delve into one's own forest of feelings and emotions.