Vincent & Stéphane Perraud

 The people

Besides being some of the nicest guys I ever met on the winemaking scene, the 2 brothers Vincent (the eldest) and Stéphane (just 2 years younger) are a showcase of the exciting and positive evolution that has been taken place in the Muscadet wine region in the last couple of years.

Sons and grand-sons (and so on, up to 7 generations) of winemakers established in Clisson, a small and charming town south of Nantes, at the western end of the Loire Valley, Vincent and Stéphane Perraud took over the family winery at the end of the 80s '. Experiencing the ups (during the 90s') and downs (during the 00s') of the Muscadet wine appellation, they firmly took the turn of organic grape growing and winemaking at the end of the last decade. They are now part of these audacious winemakers of the Muscadet region who dare to believe in the quality of their terroir and its so unique specificities to produce top-quality wines with a distinct personality.

Their organic wines undergo minimal intervention during the winemaking process and express the nature of their terroir (which includes the very rare gabbro stone as one of the main bedrock of their vineyards, the other one being granite) to a point where everyone tasting their wine can feel it.

The two brothers are different in character but complement each other remarkably well, while sharing the same passion for the understanding of their soil and their vines and holding firmly to a human approach of wine production. Despite having around 30ha of vineyards (not much based on the region's standards), all the harvests are done manually and the use of mechanical vehicles is limited to the strict necessary.

The attention they give to the quality of the work done in the vineyards, the minimalist though so precise and rigourous approach to the winemaking in the cellar and their long and rich experience of winemaking and of their terroir definitely set the Perraud brothers among the most interesting wine producers of this part of the Loire Valley.

Their fast increasing reputation on international markets and by international wine critics over the most recent years shows that quality doesn't need boasting around (definitely not the Perraud brother's style) to get the recognition it deserves (for example, click here to see what Decanter had to say about their « Selection 2015 » vintage, which got the grade of 94/100).

They produce a wide range of wines, white and red, still and sparkling, all featuring a clear personality reflecting their soil and grape variety, while expressing the low-key but so pleasant charm of this French region.

The wines

Sélection 2017 - Muscadet Sèvre et Maine sur Lie (white) : The Perraud brothers' classic cuvée and one of their best, year after year. A perfect harmony between minerality and tonicity, freshness and roundness. 

Les Choffardières 2014 -  Muscadet Sèvre et Maine sur Lie (white) : A new cuvée, simply one of the best Muscadet to be found, rich and complex while keeping the distinctive Muscadet qualities: tension and minerality.

Cab à l'Ouest 2016 - Cabernet Franc and Cabernet Sauvignon: a wine full of genuine and simple qualities: purity, lightness, fruitness, flawless body, reasonable length in mouth.