V. & S. Perraud - Gwenn 2018 (vitt/white) : Superb amphora wine

V. & S. Perraud - Gwenn 2018 (vitt/white) : Superb amphora wine

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From one of our most beloved wine estate we bring this time one of their exclusive Cogna Terra wines, wines made from start to end in clay amphoras.

'Gwenn' is the white one, made of Melon de Bourgogne and Folle Blanche grapes from 55 year old organic vines. This wine is made in two (and only two) 500l Tuscan terracotta jar, an ode to the ancient winemaking technique of the Romans, Egyptians, Greeks, and Georgians. This allows a slow oxidization whilst maintaining freshness and acidity.

The wines spends a year in these terracotta jars before being bottled without fining, filtration, or any additions including sulphur.

The nose of this 2018 vintage offers notes of candied and milky lemon. On the palate, the wine is full-bodied and marked by light bitters which brings complexity and a nice balance to finish on an invigorating freshness.

For having tasted different vintages of this wine, we do appreciate the solar power of 2018 and how, combined with the natural acidity of Melon and Folle Blanche grapes, it allowed the wine to keep a full and vibrant body after having gone through the 12 months of slow oxydation in the terracotta jar. A superb white wine, of harmonious complexity and subtle depth.

Drunk alone to taste its uniqueness, with a sole meuniere, a blue cheese or poultry in cream sauce, this wine will not fail to shine.

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