Domaine des Cognettes - Selection 2022 (vitt/white)
Domaine des Cognettes - Selection 2022 (vitt/white)

Domaine des Cognettes - Selection 2022 (vitt/white)

Vanligt pris 178 kr Rea

The « historical » cuvée of the Perraud brothers and still the main pillar of their production for its exquisite quality and excellent value for money.

Made with the traditional Muscadet wine grape called « Melon de Bourgogne » in the underground glass tanks also traditional and specific to the Muscadet wine region, it features the distinctive qualities of good Muscadet wines (dryness, freshness, minerality with a slight iodine touch) and enriches it with roundness and aromatic complexity (hazelnuts, white flowers, white peaches, green melon).

This 2022 vintage offers attenuated acidity and more roundness. One of the best Muscadet out there in our humble opinion.

The Sélection 2022 can be paired with fish, seafood, salads, fresh goat cheese, cold cuts.

Priset gäller för 1 flaska på 75cl / Price is for one 75cl bottle.

För leveranser utanför Skåne läggs transportkostnaderna från Malmö till leveransadressen till försäljningspriset. / For deliveries outside of Skåne, the cost of transport from Malmö to the delivery address will be charged on top of the disclaimed price.

Technical information :

Grape variety : Melon de Bourgogne

Age of the vines : 12 to 60 years

Surface : 10 ha

Soil : Sand and clay with pebbles on granite bedrock.

Harvest : Selective, by hand with an average yield of 38hl/ha.

Natural winemaking process :

  • Selection among the different wine press juices,

  • natural pre-fermental clarification by settling,

  • fermentation through natural indigenous yeasts only under controlled temperatures in traditional underground vitrified vats for 6 to 9 weeks,

  • maturation in underground vitrified vats for at least 6 months on lees

Sulfite content : SO2 < 5g/hl

Suggested serving temperature : around 10°C to get the most of this wine's particular roundness and aromatic complexity.