NYHET - Clos des Cimes - Clos des Cimes 2007 (rött oxydativ/red oxydative): The special one

NYHET - Clos des Cimes - Clos des Cimes 2007 (rött oxydativ/red oxydative): The special one

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Located in the southern Rhône valley, perched in the wild Baronnies mountains over the plains of Provence, The "Clos des Cimes" (the "Peaks' plot") estate is headed by winemaker Elodie Aubert who inherited it from her father and grand-father.

In this dreamy location, Elodie wholeheartedly crafts wines made of different grape varieties growing amid apricots and olive trees planted by her ancestors, sheeps she takes care of, and the abundant wildlife of this remote and beautiful place.

We have had the chance to spend some time working with Elodie and her team, and and appreciate the sensitivity and care they spend in taking care of the vineyard and allowing the wines to express the personnality of this exceptional terroir.

It will come as no suprise that the Clos des Cimes wines have a distinct identity made of authenticity, structural intensity and aromatic generosity.

We are now very happy to be able to start sharing their wines, including this exclusive "Clos des Cimes" 2007.

Made of 75% Grenache complemented with Syrah and Carignan grapes, this wine was maturated for more than 36 months in oak vats, thus giving it its oxydative nature and Porto-like taste (without the sweetness). Combine this with its respectable age and you get a very complex, elaborate, generous but unique wine which will best be paired with furry game (elk for example) or chocolate desserts, but can also be appeciated as a stand-alone drink.

 A one-of-a-kind wine great to have a few bottles of in your cellar for special occasions, and very much adapted to the Swedish colder seasons.

Only few bottles available!


Priset gäller för 1 flaska på 75cl / Price is for one 75cl bottle.

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