V. & S. Perraud - Selection 2018 (vitt/white) : Golden Light on the Atlantic
V. & S. Perraud - Selection 2018 (vitt/white) : Golden Light on the Atlantic

V. & S. Perraud - Selection 2018 (vitt/white) : Golden Light on the Atlantic

Vanligt pris 145 kr Rea

The « historical » cuvée of the Perraud brothers, this white wine is made with the traditional Muscadet wine grape called « Melon de Bourgogne » in the underground glass tanks also traditional and specific to the Muscadet wine region. It features the distinctive qualities of good Muscadet wines (dryness, freshness, minerality with a slight iodine touch) and enriches it with roundness and aromatic complexity (hazelnuts, white flowers, white peaches, green melon). The 2018 vintage offers a very interesting roundness and dynamic structure with a zesty finish, which comes into play when served a bit warmer, around 11°C. A fantastic natural white wine at that price and one you might soon get addicted to!

The Sélection 2018 will be a perfect companion to fish with sauce (like cod in butter sauce), creamy cheese or poultry.

Priset gäller för 1 flaska på 75cl / Price is for one 75cl bottle.

Technical information :

Grape variety : Melon de Bourgogne

Age of the vines : 12 to 60 years

Surface : 10 ha

Soil : Sand and clay with pebbles on granite bedrock.

Harvest : Selective, by hand with an average yield of 38hl/ha.

Natural winemaking process :

  • Selection among the different wine press juices,

  • natural pre-fermental clarification by settling,

  • fermentation through natural indigenous yeasts only under controlled temperatures in traditional underground vitrified vats for 6 to 9 weeks,

  • maturation in underground vitrified vats for at least 6 months on lees

Sulfite content : SO2 < 5g/hl

Suggested serving temperature : around 11°C to get the most of this wine's particular roundness and aromatic complexity.