Domaine du Grand-Arc - En Sol Majeur 2018 (rött/red): Fragrance from the South

Domaine du Grand-Arc - En Sol Majeur 2018 (rött/red): Fragrance from the South

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Located in the remote Corbières in the foothills of the Pyrénées,  Domaine du Grand-Arc takes advantages of the altitude of its vineyard to produces beautiful natural wines which combines the traditional aromatic generosity of southern France wines with a finesse and freshness only seldom found in those wines. 

En Sol Majeur 2018 is made of Grenache and Syrah. We started offering this wine last year but it is coming in its prime now, when the tannins are getting progressively rounder and smoother. It offers a pure and powerful bouquet of black- and blueberries, a great length in mouth that never turns into bitterness nor heaviness.

A gem very well hidden to discover absolutely and a great companion to every possible meat dishes, be they grilled in the garden or baked in the oven. Vegetarian pasta or pizzas will also love to be associated with it.

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