Château Lamery - Sémillant 2019 (vitt/white): Lively and lovely!

Château Lamery - Sémillant 2019 (vitt/white): Lively and lovely!

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The Bordeaux wine region doesn't feature many natural winemakers, to say the least. There might be plenty of reasons for this situation (ranging from yearly rainfall, to mentalities, to economics) but what matters to us is that in the middle of this historic and prestigious wine region Château Lamery, featuring Jacques Broustet and his wines, exists: 100% natural, both in the vineyard and in the cellar, and 100% authentic.

Jacques follows the principles of organic and biodynamic cultivation of the grapes, plays music to his vines and harvest his grapes by hand. But as with every good natural winemaker, what matters at least as much as what he does, is what he doesn't do: Once the wine is in the old oak barrels of Château Lamery, they stay there long enough and untouched: No topping, no racking, no fining, no filtration, no sulfites added. Just giving the wine its most precious ingredient: Time.

This makes for unique wines especially when applied to the estate's white cuvée "Sémillant". This 2019 vintage strikes a very nice balance between the fruitiness, the light oxydation and the acidity and extraction to produce an intense but very pleasant and still easy to drink white wine with a very distinct personnality. Something to absolutely try to broaden one's wine horizon and a possible source of great enjoyment.

Paired with fish, poultry and a wide range of cheeses, Sémillant 2019 can be served around 10 to 12°C to let it express its aormatic potential.

Grape variety: Sémillon


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