Château de Rhodes - Méthode Ancestrale (mousserande/sparkling white)

Château de Rhodes - Méthode Ancestrale (mousserande/sparkling white)

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Located in Gaillac in the Languedoc, Château de Rhodes crafts beautiful wines that reflect the ancient winemaking tradition of this southwestern region with its typical grape varieties and make the most of its distinctive hilly landscape.

The vineyards are cultivated with organic cultivation methods and the work in the cellar focuses on expressing the specificity of the terroir. The harvest is controlled by careful vineyard management: justified pruning, natural cover crops, careful thinning of shoots and thoughtful leaf removal.

Made exclusively of the Mauzac white grape variety, this sparkling wine is made using the ancestral method which originated largely in Gaillac and has become popular recently for all the so-called "pet nat" wines. With no added sugar, this sparkling wine features a complex nose with notes of apple and pear granita. Residual sugars are perfectly integrated. The palate presents a beautiful balance and a persistent finish.

Best served before a festive meal, it will be best enjoyed served chilled at 8°C.

Priset gäller för 1 flaska på 75cl / Price is for one 75cl bottle.

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