NYHET - Château Lamery - Autrement 2016 (rött/red): Refreshing Bordeaux

NYHET - Château Lamery - Autrement 2016 (rött/red): Refreshing Bordeaux

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The Bordeaux wine region doesn't feature many natural winemakers, to say the least. There might be plenty of reasons for this situation (ranging from yearly rainfall, to mentalities, to economics) but what matters to us is that in the middle of this historic and prestigious wine region Château Lamery, featuring Jacques Broustet and his wines, exists: 100% natural, both in the vineyard and in the cellar, and 100% authentic.

Jacques follows the principles of organic and biodynamic cultivation of the grapes, plays music to his vines and harvest his grapes by hand. But as with every good natural winemaker, what matters at least as much as what he does, is what he doesn't do: Once the wine is in the old oak barrels of Château Lamery, they stay there for 2 years, untouched: No topping, no racking, no fining, no filtration, no sulfites added. Just giving the wine its most precious ingredient: Time.

With this "Autrement" cuvée, Château Lamery is thus offering us the unique opportunity to enjoy the qualities of true Bordeaux wines, unadulterated, pure, and  absolutely charming. Forget about massive structures, coarse texture, or bitter aftertaste, this 2016 vintage of the Autrement cuvée features a juicyness and acidity that makes it fresh and energetic. It offers a dense matter with ripe tannins and a long  and pure after-taste. A great Bordeaux wine, like no others, or to say it in French: "Autrement".

As with all wines you really love, you will enjoy Autrement under any circumstances, as a stand-alone refreshing drink  or throughout a meal. in this latter case, due to its high acidity, you and your guests might find this wine particularly enjoyable with red meat or other strong-tasted meat dishes, as well as slightly spicy food.

Autrement 2016 is a fresh qnd juicy wine better be served around 13 to 15°C. 

Grape varieties: Cabernet Sauvignon, Cabernet Franc, Merlot, Malbec


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