Domaine de Villeneuve - Bee Happy Petit Verdot 2021 (rött/red)

Domaine de Villeneuve - Bee Happy Petit Verdot 2021 (rött/red)

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Located in the village of Claret in Hérault (Languedoc), Villeneuve's estate covers 50 ha of vines, most of which are classified as AOC Pic St-Loup.
Anne-Lise Fraisse, together with her beekeeper husband and children, today offers a wide range of wines that combine tradition and modernity, made from grapes grown with respect for the environment and in symbiosis with the scrublands and forests that characterize the region.
Made exclusively of Petit Verdot grapes, this red wine offers a well-present tannic structure and fruity aromas for a very pleasant and immediately enjoyable aromatic balance.

Goes perfectly with a dish with sauce or strong cheese. 

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