Marie Rocher - Les Passantes 2021 (rött/red) : The perfect blend

Marie Rocher - Les Passantes 2021 (rött/red) : The perfect blend

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Marie Rocher is a new winemaker who has been dealing with wine for a long time. Editing and publishing books about wine for many years, she decided to move to actually producing the stuff about 5 years ago and after being trained by some of the best natural winemakers she released her first vintage in 2018, which we were happy to introduce to Sweden.

This is the 4th vintage of Marie's red wine "Les Passantes" but this one is different from the previous ones as it is not made only from the grape Gamay but from a blend of Gamay and Cabernet Franc (2/3 Gamay, 1/3 Cabernet Franc).

While they both grow in the Loire Valley, these 2 grapes present very different characterstics, Cabernet Franc generally making for more structured, tensed and sharp wines, and Gamay for rounder, smoother ones.

With her "Les Passantes" 2021, Marie Rocher achieved a perfect blend, getting the best of these 2 grapes and offering a wine that features the core structure of an elegant Cabernet Franc with the soft touch of a friendly Gamay.

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