La Trochoire - Maceration 2020 (orange vin/orange wine): Chenin squared

La Trochoire - Maceration 2020 (orange vin/orange wine): Chenin squared

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Bastien Rocour has been making wine for 5 years at La Trochoire, close to Chinon, and this young winemaker has immediately made a strong impression with his white wines made with the Chenin blanc grapes iconic for the region.

This Macération 2020 is an orange wine in the sense that it was made out of Chenin white grapes which were not pressed directly after the harvest but left for a long maceration time (over a month in this case) in a vat so that the juice would take the colors and the tannins from the skin of the grapes. In spite of this long maceration time, this wine features a deep yellow colour rather than the typical orange colour.

The wine offers an intense aromatic frame and a complex and solid body, as to be expected with orange wines, but nothing too exotic or extreme. It feels more like a beefed-up white wine: more intense than regular white wines but keeping the balance inherent to these wines rather than rocking everything over: A Chenin squared so to speak. A great wine to discover and a must for Chenin lovers.

Better served around 12°C.

Priset gäller för 1 flaska på 75cl / Price is for one 75cl bottle.

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