NYHET - P. Corbineau - Croix Foucher 2014 Oak edition (rött/red): From one single barrel

NYHET - P. Corbineau - Croix Foucher 2014 Oak edition (rött/red): From one single barrel

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'Croix Foucher' is one of the 4 plots of land Patrick Corbineau now makes distinctive cuvées from.

In addition to Patrick's signature trademarks (juicy highly energetic wines, very dynamic aka "unstable" wines, magnificent evolution when exposed to air even over very long period of times, superb ageing potential), distinctive features of this plot of land are the possibility of hints of licorice and mint aromas and a deep and complexe structure. 

While we featured the 2014 vintage last year, this one is a variation of it, as it has been fermented and maturated in a single oak barrel and hence offers oak flavours rarely found in Patrick's red wines. Well-integrated with the primary aromas of the Croix Foucher, they give this wine a unique personality.

As only one barrel of this wine has been made, it naturally comes in very limited quantity.

Grapes: Cabernet Franc

Winemaking process: Natural vinification, indigenous yeasts, no additives, no added sulfite, destemming and bottling by hand. 

Priset gäller för 1 flaska på 75cl. 

Varning! Leveranstiden för detta vin är augusti 2022.

Warning: delivery time for this wine is August 2022!

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