NYHET - Domaine des Cognettes - Le Pas Rouge 2022 (rött/red)

NYHET - Domaine des Cognettes - Le Pas Rouge 2022 (rött/red)

Vanligt pris 175 kr Rea

This is the first vintage of this wine we bring to Sweden. Made of Gamay grapes this is another one of the simple yet charming and so drinkable red wines the Perraud brothers produce.

Le Pas Rouge 2022 is defined by its roundness. It fills your mouth with softness and dark fruits flavours and goes down so smoothly you will find it hard to resist a second glass (should you have the idea of resisting it in the first place).

A wine that would not be out of place among good Beaujolais bottles, you could pair it with similar food: think roasted pork Orloff, royal couscous, capon and other feasty poultry.

Suggested serving temperature : around 15°C

Priset gäller för 1 flaska på 75cl / Price is for one 75cl bottle.

För leveranser utanför Skåne läggs transportkostnaderna från Malmö till leveransadressen till försäljningspriset. / For deliveries outside of Skåne, the cost of transport from Malmö to the delivery address will be charged on top of the disclaimed price.