V. & S. Perraud - La Folle de l'Ouest 2020 (vitt/white) : Crazy fun!
V. & S. Perraud - La Folle de l'Ouest 2020 (vitt/white) : Crazy fun!

V. & S. Perraud - La Folle de l'Ouest 2020 (vitt/white) : Crazy fun!

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La Folle Blanche is the second traditional white grape variety of the Muscadet region, at the western end of the French Loire Valley.

Traditionally not as highly regarded as the proper Muscadet wine, this very distinct grape variety has been recently endorsed by several winemakers of the region who decided to get rid of its prejudices and to make very exciting wines out of it.

Famous for its tension and highly tonic finale , the Folle Blanche, when properly harvested and worked with, offers also a very vivid and surprisingly complex personnality.

After having introduced last year Marc Pesnot's interpretation of this grape, we are very excited to introduce this year the brothers Perraud's "La Folle de l'Ouest" cuvée.

Tonic, vivid, pleasant and fun from start to end, this wine is the kind of crazy that is easy to fall in love with! ("la folle" means "the crazy" in French)

Offering plenty of white fruits aromas, great length in mouth, fresh and zesty, dynamic, la Folle de l'Ouest will no doubt surprise many! Welcome to the distinct world of the new Folle Blanche white wines extraordinaires!

Can be served around 8 to 10°C with seafood salads, fish or light cheese or just being enjoyed on its own. 

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