V. & S. Perraud - Pinot Noir 2021 (rött/red): Pinot with intensity

V. & S. Perraud - Pinot Noir 2021 (rött/red): Pinot with intensity

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This Pinot Noir-only wine comes from the Perraud brothers at the Domaine des Cognettes at the western end of the Loire Valley, a region more famous for its white Muscadet wines than for any reds.

However, keeping an open mind will allow you to discover this rather simple but pure Pinot noir, offering typical pinot aromas paired with a more solid -yet still smooth- body than the usual Burgundy fare. This allows this Pinot to be paired with grilled meat as well as lighter meat-dishes.

Good and more intense pinot at a good and less intense price, what's more to ask?

Priset gäller för 1 flaska på 75cl / Price is for one 75cl bottle.

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