Domaine Pétouin et Enragé - Melon 2023 (vitt/white)

Domaine Pétouin et Enragé - Melon 2023 (vitt/white)

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Pétouin & Enragé is a new domain still expanding which is the result of the meeting of 3 friends with different backgrounds who shared a simple dream: becoming winemakers. And so they did, getting carefully selected small plots of vines from retiring winemakers in the Muscadet region (most western part of the Loire valley) and working the grapes completely organically in the vineyard and naturally in the cellar.

The name of the estate comes from the traditional local names given to the grapes varieties they work with: Pétouin for the Melon de Bourgogne grape and Enragé for the Folle blanche grape.

The cuvée we introduce to you is the one they make with only Melon de Bourgogne and therefore called...Melon. The 3 friends like to keep it simple in all aspect of their production which, in winemaking, is often not the easiest way. They don't add any sulfites to their wines, don't use fancy oak vats nor any trick to alter the  taste profile of their grapes but count on the care with which they deal with every step of the process to end with authentic wines reflecting the specific qualities of their terroir: the grapes, the soil, the climate. 

The enthusiasm that their first vintages were met with is a testimony to the success of their approach so far. The balance, subtle complexity and cleanness of this Melon 2023 makes it a must-try for all natural wines lovers and probably for natural wine haters as well! )

Seafood in general, sea bass carpaccio in particular, Spring and Summer mixed salads, or simply a thirsty throat will all serve this refreshing wine well. 

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