NYHET - Laura Lardy - Moulin à Vent 2017 (rött/red): Beaujolais at its best

NYHET - Laura Lardy - Moulin à Vent 2017 (rött/red): Beaujolais at its best

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Laura Lardy is a daughter and sister of winemakers established in the Beaujolais region and one not to miss for her wines are truly of exquisite quality. As if often the case they reflect the quality of their producer. Laura often introduces herself by mentioning the people around her (hence the mention of her father and brother), her region and the environment she is a part of. In other words she is modest, considerate and passionate about her terroir and craft. And her wines reflect that for they are beautifully and conscientiously crafted, authentic and a great expression of  what Beaujolais wines can be.

We are hence very happy to introduce her Moulin à Vent "Le Mont" 2017 cuvée, which is a great and easy way to discover her wines, with its smoothness, generous red fruits flavours supported by a finely tuned acidity and pleasant after-taste. A beautiful 100% Gamay wine that can be paired with a large variety of dishes, from white to red meat, as well as typical Autumn fares, such as mushrooms and root vegetables.

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