Château de Rhodes - Vendanges Tardives 2012 (sött vitt/sweet white)

Château de Rhodes - Vendanges Tardives 2012 (sött vitt/sweet white)

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Château de Rhodes is located in Gaillac in the Languedoc and crafts beautiful wines that reflect the ancient winemaking tradition of this southwestern region with its typical grape varieties and make the most of its distinctive hilly landscape. 

The vineyards are grown using organic farming methods and the work in the cellar focuses on expressing the specificity of the terroir.

Harvest is controlled by careful vineyard management: justified pruning, natural cover crops, careful thinning of shoots and thoughtful leaf removal.

Harvest takes place from the end of August for the ancestral method sparkling wine, until the end of October for this sweet wine "Vendanges Tardives" ("late harvest" in French).

Made from 72% Loin de l'Œil, 14% Mauzac and 14% Muscadelle (typical grapes in the region with Loin de l'Oeil being the most fragrant) growing on the estate's oldest 60-year-old vines and harvested in end of October, as mentioned earlier, this sweet wine offers an intense and complex aroma with notes of quince and apricot.

And while the mouth is abundant on the fruit and spices, these wines maintain a freshness and drinkability that make it a great wine with foie gras, blue cheese or dessert.

A wine of old age and exquisite quality art at a very affordable price. Best served chilled around 10°C.


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