P. Corbineau - Cuvée 2016 (rött/red) : Diving into a deep lake

P. Corbineau - Cuvée 2016 (rött/red) : Diving into a deep lake

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An incredibly pure bouquet with red berries and cherries scents, a rare alliance of intensity and freshness in the mouth, makes this Cabernet Franc wine produced out of the few grapes which survived an apocalyptic Spring (frost, hail, continuous rain causing Mildiou to spread and even floods in Patrick's vineyard located near the Vienne river) a vivifying and truely remarkable experience. 

Number of bottles available for this Fall 2018 selection: 160 (equalling to one quarter of Patrick's production that year)

This wine had not been bottled yet as we published this article, hence no picture available.

Priset gäller för 1 flaska på 75cl. 

Grapes: Cabernet Franc

Winemaking process: Natural vinification, indigenous yeasts, no additives, no added sulfite, destemming and bottling by hand. 

Year's yield: 2hl/ha...